Our Services

  • Investment Finance

    Alden Finance Limited is well positioned for any purpose or sizes of your Investment Capital Requirements. Business or Personal Credit circuAlden Finance Limited vast Investment Finance portfolio which has in value more than US$3Billion. Alden Finance Limited Investment Finance solutions are individually reviewed for viability, risks, management, potential growth and profitability on the long term. Each industry sector are reviewed and negotiated individually with a view to projecting the best capital offer available and suitable for that particular industry project.

    Alden Finance Limited offers several Financial Investment options from Short Term, to Long Term, to Fixed to Flexible Interests, from Equity to Bond purchases, and these will depend on available and negotiated offers from clients and stake holders. All Alden Finance Limited Investment Finance Products must be secured with AAA rated Insurance Bonds as well partner assets to guarantee capital repayments.

    Alden Finance Limited investment Industries sectors covered is not limited to the following list

    • Acquisitions or Business Expansion
    • Agriculture, Processing and Equipment
    • Construction Real Estate
    • Science Technology and New Idea developments
    • General Infrastructure
    • Retail and consumer products
    • International Trade and Investment
    • Education and Training
    • Mining and Exploration
    • Personal Finance and Refinancing
    • Global Energy and Environment
    • Telecommunications, Transport and Logistics
    • Health and Pharmaceuticals
    • Manufacturing and Production
  • Global Market Access

    Alden Finance Limited provides professional investment advisory services allowing stakeholders invest in growing global financial markets, providing insights on market investment that will expose investments to fewer risks in a wide range of companies and allowing investors manage market volatility. Our investment advisory services also provides specialized advice on acquiring private and government issued bonds, providing special advice on legislation of such jurisdiction, currency strengths and fluctuations, yield prospects and well as maturity. Investing in Global stocks or Bonds has associated risks which may include: lack of Liquidity; Exchange rates, Political or Market fluctuation situations, Credit rating and Bond Issue Terms. Alden Finance Limited Investment services offer includes a full-time professional investment manager to actively manage and monitor your investments.

  • Contracts and Trade Management

    Alden Finance Limited and its team of Financial Brokers and Negotiation Experts provides professional contract due diligence services for corporations and government agencies globally, helping all parties in contract see through and conclude all financial and services delivery obligations as agreed. Alden Finance Limited also provides fiduciary services for medium to multi level international contracts and trades with particular focus on contract financing, contract execution and payment implementation.

    Our team of Technical experts also extends our services in the areas of scrutinizing all Technical and commercial representations of all International trade contract and negotiations through identification of the value chain, capacity and technical competence of all participating partners. We are always ready to help in all areas of International trade and contract solutions.

  • Broker Partnerships

    Due to unstable policies and unpredictable global economic climate, raising alternative capital has become considerably challenging. Alden Finance Limited is interested in working with emerging and established companies, specializing in small to mid cap companies either listed or planning future listing on global exchanges through brokers. The resultant partnerships with our corporate broker partners help in the delivery of an efficient and effective service to our numerous clients and ensure that the investor market messages are being conveyed through the appropriate channels. We will also look to assist our clients as needed in relation to concisely communicating the company’s message to market and maximizing the effect and benefit of new alternative capital raised.

  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Restructure

    Alden Finance Limited with its adviser partners provides comprehensive transaction management and advisory services to assist clients businesses in such areas as mergers, acquisition and refinancing options. The consolidation of different companies and managements through mergers and or acquisition is primarily to help businesses open up access to bigger markets, but also more importantly for wealth maximization. These options are fraught with risks and Alden Finance Limited with its experts will seek to provide valuable advice and capital structured to mitigate such risks. This means we don’t just support corporate businesses, and our advice extends beyond simply finance.

  • Growing Investment Portfolio

    Alden Finance Limited global investment management operations spans five continents and in numerous countries. Alden Finance Limited is pleased to announce the active participation in the completion of the following transaction volumes and across all key industry sectors till date:

    • Energy and Sustainable Environment - US$856,000,000.00
    • Construction and Real Estate - US$472,000,000.00
    • Trade Development and Acquisitions - US$588,000,000.00
    • Health and Education - US$301,000,000.00
    • Technology and General Infrastructure – US$690,000,000.00
    • Food Processing and Agriculture - US$289,000,000.00
    • Transport and Logistics – US$760,000,000.00
    • Retail Trade and manufacturing – US$330,000,000.00