Research Beyond The Business Plan

  • Our Approach
    Alden Finance Limited investment model is to first gain a unique insight and opportunities inherent in the particular industry specialization. Alden Finance Limited team of professional financial advisers are organized in specialized groups with industry knowledge viability and inherent risks exposure to investments. Our proactive and informed approach enables the timely execution of investments and enhances opportunities to add value to portfolio companies.
  • Our Process
    Alden Finance Limited applies the understanding gained from specialized and diverse industry sectors combined with strategic investment partnerships already formed with key global players in the finance industry towards structured investment services delivery. Alden Finance Limited will further hold detailed engagements with the potential clients, partners, brokers and key relationship stakeholders as may be required. Creating a condition that allows for mutual understanding of the investment projections of our clients and partners is very core in our service delivery. Alden Finance Limited further will adheres to a multi-phase investment process that emphasizes rigorous due diligence, industry analysis, potential for growth, before developing a customized investment solutions that suitably meets the client’s need. Alden Finance Limited finally will present to its proposed investment offer for the review of clients, partners and stakeholders with a view to commissioning our service delivery. Our core multilayered approach has earned us applause and positive feedback of over 90% our investment clients and participating partners.