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about Alden Finance

Leading Financial

Alden Finance Limited is an independent Asset management and Global Investment Finance Company. With a team of Investment advisers and managers and with over 30years combined experience in diverse fields of the financial services industry, Alden Finance Limited have stood out while offering its global clients excellent financial services. Alden Finance Limited has so far achieved long term capital appreciation by investing in growth opportunities across the globe and in the past decade, has partnered extensively in Investments in Europe, North America and Asia. Alden Finance Limited is strongly positioned to provide good structures, manage and exit transactions in its respective operational markets.

Alden Finance Limited has the financial backbone, expertise and knowledge to transact across a number of different regions and business sectors, and with a developed strong internal legal and risk management framework that enables the firm to understand complex situations within the local legal and regulatory jurisdictions. Alden Finance Limited keeps looking forward to providing more capital and investing in more growth regions and business sectors while it continues to expand as a business.

our core values

Best Solutions For Your Business

Apply the highest standards of integrity in our transactions with all stakeholders.
Our processes are open from communication with stakeholders to the delivery of all services
We are always building trust with our stakeholders by ensuring total transparency in all transactions.
We always believe in the spirit of collective joint efforts, hence we leverage on the individual strengths and expertise of our team members towards excellent service delivery.
We always take responsibility in ensuring the final delivery of every commissioned transaction
We are open to understanding all diverse opinions, groups, business models and try to adapt our investment solution towards providing services.

Our Mission Statement

We work towards helping diverse industries and partners realize their full growth potentials through sound investments and management approach.